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Brooklyn powers thousands of websites all over the world where designers and
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Drag & Drop Page Builder

set up a website in minutes!

You can easily create amazing and incredible website, simply by using our Drag & Drop Page Builder. Never worry again about starting from scratch, because you get instant 40 pre-built included dummy website concepts.

750+ Theme Options

everything you need to create new websites!

Brooklyn has the most powerful Theme Options Panel on the market. Being able to adjust every detail, makes your website highly customizable and guarantees a premium look.

100 Free Updates Since Release

and more to come!

We are constantly evolving and improving Brooklyn for you. Our main focus is to provide the latest webdesign technologies and trends to you. Every new incredible free feature makes your website effectively stand out of the crowd.

41+ Pre-Built Dummy Websites
Ready in just 1-Click.

Install full website styling with a single click for a better user experience and an easier setup overall, simply add your own content and images. No coding required, guaranteed!

  • Each Website can be used as One or Multi Page.

What Our Customer Say

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Genuinely love this theme. So sick of trawling through endless menus and options on other themes. Brooklyn is so intuitive with where all its settings are located and is just a pleasure to use.

Also, the sheer number of demos and ability to mix elements from different demos means it works well for so many purposes.
Thanks, UnitedThemes for the fantastic work, I’ll definitely be purchasing more licenses in the future.

by emcarkh

Envato Customer

Customer Support

I built a multisite website with this theme and I was really excited about the design and function that are available out of the box.

But even more important: I experienced outstanding support from UnitedThemes, when I came up with individual questions resulting from my customization work!

by Dori84

Envato Customer

Design Quality

I bought my first license back in 2013 and loved this theme from the very first beginning. The fact, that in meantime the theme received lots of updates and new demos is simply a big big plus. The Design is outstanding and my customers are loving it.

Definitely not my last purchase! Keep up the great work guys!


by datower

Envato Customer

Customer Support

Simply perfect. The Brooklyn theme has a great variety of customization and is fairly easy to work on even with limited/non-existent knowledge on coding.

The theme support is very prompt on replies and most common things have already been answered on their forums so you’ll always get your problems fixed! Can’t praise them more. Thanks, UnitedThemes.

by Arppa43

Envato Customer

Customer Support

Created my first Website with WordPress and used the Brooklyn Theme. It went like a charm. Brooklyn gets updates on a regular base which all were working fine.

The support is very quick and excellent. I had an issue which was solved within a day.

by heromike

Envato Customer

Design Quality

This is the best Theme I have ever used! Brooklyn is very Simple to use (a highlight for new Customers) and comes with big Content!

Thanks to UnitedThemes for this Theme and the good Support on your Forums!

by DerMoki

Envato Customer


Amazing theme – just does what it says it does. No surprises! Flexible in terms of using the features and easily tweaking different options. Things are arranged so that you can find them easily when you need them.

by codebound

Envato Customer

Design Quality

This is a true masterpiece.
I’m really enjoying this theme so far, very easy to use, the markups make a lot of sense, and the design is on point.

Really looking forward to the upcoming demos, UnitedThemes, you guys do a great job!

by PhilosophersLegacy

Envato Customer


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You will Brooklyn

Brooklyn, a truly multipurpose parallax
WordPress theme with more than one face.

You will Brooklyn

Brooklyn, a truly multipurpose parallax
WordPress theme with more than one face.

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