Media Module

Image Gallery

A responsive and mobile friendly Image Gallery
with tons of features and lightbox support.
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1 Column Gallery (Stack)

Lets start with the basic gallery column layouts. Our gallery support up to 5 columns per row.

2 Columns Gallery

While there is a limitation on how many images can be displayed per row, there is no limitation on the number of images. Add as many as you like.

3 Columns Gallery

Brooklyn’s Image Gallery is optimized for 16:9 images. Means you can upload your camera images straight into WordPress and Brooklyn does the rest.

4 Columns Gallery

Brooklyn comes with a numerous number of options, which allow you to customize the gallery very easily. Customize the look and feel of the gallery with a few clicks.

5 Columns Gallery

More than just a normal gallery. The combination of different colors, caption positions and lightbox features make Brooklyn’s Image Gallery very versatile. Scroll down and see more examples and features.

Adjust Last Row

And if the number of images does not fit with the number of columns, you can decide how the last images should be displayed. Nifty, right?

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