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Awesome Buttons

Fully packed with unique effects and smooth transitions.
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Default Sizes

Choose from 4 predefined sizes. Custom sizes are easily possible as well.

Custom Size

Set your custom button padding in px, em, rem, vw and vh. With these units you can create buttons of every size.

Button Shapes

Create shapes of every type to give your buttons and individual style.

Custom Borders

Choose from a wide range of different border styles. Easily change border width, style and color for an individual look.

Letter Spacing

Increase or decrease the buttons letter spacing for a better legibility or bring more attention to the button itself.

Fluid Button

Need a full width button? No, problem. Instead of playing around with the buttons spacing, you can easily let the button fit its parent element.

Buttons with Lightbox

A button without optional light box feature? inconceivable! Not with Brooklyn. Our buttons have full lightbox support.

Custom Icons

Want to attach an icon to the button? Select your desired one from over 800 crispy icons.

Button Shadow

Need more visual depth? Give your visitor the feeling the button floats in the foreground.

Button Hover Effects

Tired of standard mouse over buttons, only switching the color? Use one of our eyecandy mouse over effects to create something outstanding.

Button Particle Effects

Playful particle animations for buttons. Absolutely unique!

Custom Colors

All colors are possible! HEX, RGBA and even powerful gradient colors.

Button Alignment

Easily align your buttons according to the content for a perfect presentation.

Button Group

Easily group buttons so they perfectly align together.

Buttons on Background

Due to the amount of possible options and combination, our buttons always fit on every background.

Some Custom Animations

Button can be animated ass well. Choose between a bunch of cool animations to grab your site visitor attention and create unique call to action sections.

Use Case Example

In combination with Hover Box Module, Custom Text Module, Section Title Module, Button Group Module and Button Module.

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