Part 2

Image Gallery

A responsive and mobile friendly Image Gallery
with tons of features and lightbox support.
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Custom Hover Caption & Colors

Use all kind of colors such as HEX, RGB, RGBA and also Gradient Colors with opacity support to create awesome image hover effects,

Caption Below On

Freely select your desired caption position. By default it display when the user mouse over the image. But you can of course display it beneath the image as well.

Hover Caption & Caption Below

You can also combine both types of captions and display them at the same time.

Hover Plus Sign

Or exchange the caption with a plus sign indicating that there is more stuff happening on click.

Hover Caption Off

And if you don’t want a caption, simply disable it.

Image Opacity

Optionally add transparency to your gallery images.

Shadow On

Apply an optional shadow for giving images a depth effect.

Image Border Radius

See how the gallery totally looks different just by changing the image border radius? The sky is the limit.

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