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with Brooklyn.

Brooklyn powers thousands of websites all over the world where designers and developers
recognise the power it offers in a simple, convenient package.

34+ Pre-Built Dummy Websites

Install full website styling with a single click for a better user experience and an easier setup overall, simply add your own content and images. No coding required, that’s a promise!


Made with Brooklyn.

Take a look at just a few of the killer websites that have been built with nothing other than Brooklyn and WordPress.


Powerful Plugin Compatibility.

Brooklyn is compatible with all the plugins you’ll ever need,
and it includes Visual Composer and Revolutions Slider for free.


Drag & Drop Page Builder.

Taking your web design to new levels with Brooklyn and create almost any web element you desire with the #1 Drag & Drop Page Builder, WP Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) included in the once off purchase price.

Powerful Admin Dashboard.

Brooklyn powers thousands of websites all over the world where designers and developers recognize the power it offers in a simple, convenient package. It’s easy to manipulate to make it suit your needs, doesn’t require any coding knowledge to create a truly beautiful website.

Groundbreaking Heroes.

Brooklyn broke the mould with Hero Pages before Jumbotron was even born. Brooklyn’s roots are founded in groundbreaking design and it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with great design and WordPress.

Stunning Portfolio Layouts.

Present your work to the crowd. Create unlimited and detailed portfolios and organize them with a few clicks! Build sortable galleries or carousels. Decide if you like to display the portfolio details in a light box, slide up box or on a regular single page.

Beautiful Blog Layouts.

Classic Layouts are so common. That’s why United Themes a added Grid, List and Mixed Grid Blog Layout for Blogs. Presenting your articles has never been easier. And more are blog designs are coming.




Builder Blocks


Styling Options



Focus on building your site.
We'll take care of the rest.

Build your site using the tools we use to create Brooklyn’s templates. With the Brooklyn
Developer Platform, your site will be backed by the same infrastructure that powers
thousends of Brooklyn websites.

Beautiful Icon Packs

700+ Icons!

Brooklyn comes with the entire Font Awesome Library and additionally has it own set of Icons. You’ll find an icon for every purpose.
Image Image

Awesome Google Font Library

850+ Fonts!

Thanks to the 850+ Google Web Fonts integrated in Brooklyn, you can now take complete control of your Website typography!
Image Image

Completely Free Plugins

Worth 70$!

WPBakery Page Builder , Slider Revolution and 4 Brooklyn handmade plugins coming bundled completely free.
Image Image

WebGL Distortion Effects

16 different Styles available!

A little library creating astonishing hover effects! You won’t see this on any other theme ( based April 2018 ).
Image Image

SVG Section Separators

13 exceptional Shapes!

Each one can be colored, flipped and stretched and the best thing is, they have different breakpoints to perfectly fit on each device!
Image Image

Particle Overlay Effect

Unlimited Combinations!

Enhance your overlay with moving particles. Create an awesome user experience. How cool is that?
Image Image

Stunning Blog Layouts

4 different Styles available!

Classic Layouts are so common. That’s why we have added Grid, List and Mixed Grid Blog Layouts.
Image Image

Smooth CSS3 Animations

36 Eyecatching Effects!

A bunch of cool and fun animations for you to use in your projects. Great for emphasis!
Image Image

Real customer reviews.

United Themes have been in the web design and development
business for years and provide top quality support for every client.


Create stunning websites
with one click for just $39!

34 Pre-Built Websites · 189 Layouts · Unlimited Possibilities · 30.000+ Sales · WPML Certified

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